SDG Digital

Impacting one life at a time.

We are a global community of conscious and influential leaders that are taking collective action to empower women and youth leaders to advance SDG and ESG goals

We collectively unlock mentorship, scholarships, technology, volunteering, partnership and sponsorship to advance your SDG and ESG footprint in your area.

Our Mission and Vision

To invite global leaders to take collective action on achieving a sustainable future for 10,000 women and youth.

We believe global and corporate leaders can enact change through their careers and corporate influence.

To achieve a sustainable future for women and youth by empowering them to become purpose-driven leaders

We create efforts, programs, and opportunities to empower women and youth for a better future.

Our Annual Programs

Some of our regular initiatives and programs to empower women and youth.

Youth Leadership Awards Gala

An annual leadership gala to recognize youth leadership

WICxLEAD Corporate ESG Accelerator

Empowering corporate women and entrepreneurs to ignite economic access by understanding the power of ESG.

Tech Changemaker Spotlights

Showcase change makers making an impact for women, youth and family to have access and opportunities.

Technology Skilling Scholarships

Assist companies and family offices to distribute tech skilling scholarships such as cloud, ai, marketing, etc.

Exciting Challenges

Engage the community to participate in fun and engaging digital challenges using photography

Why Join the

Enact positive change in your company, industry, and
space by joining the movement.

Why Corporations & Family Offices fund us

SDG Digital Foundation is invited by corporations and family offices to fund programs that support SDG and ESG goals through skill development, economic development and coaching efforts.

Our Partners

Become a supporter and change leader within our community

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